Summer 2021 – only 3 weeks still available to book !

With the projected easing of England’s Lockdown allowing single-households to book self catering accommodation from April 12th, bookings have been brisk (to say the least!) over the last few weeks.

In fact, we now only have 3 solid weeks left between now and the back end of September !

If you are a single household and fancy a break with a view, we still (or more acurately, “only”!) have availability for full weeks and shorter breaks from April 23rd through to May 15th.

You can book online at Brixham Holiday Homes now – and we (of course) offer a full money back guarantee if your travel plans are interrupted by anything pandemic-related.

Rainbows over Brixham

We’ve just snuck in a few days down in Brixham ourselves this December, and were lucky enough to be here when there were some spectacular rainbows over the harbour, and over Berry Head as well.

Brixham always has some stunning views, even when the weather is less than perfect!

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See what you’re missing out on – and you don’t need to take our word for it either!

We took a quick trip down to Brixham recently to check that everything was all in order (spoiler alert – our cleaners are doing a great job, everything was spotless!).

While we were there we had time to have a quick flick through the guestbook – and it seems that our guests so far this year have been loving both Brixham and The Captain’s Cottage!

September 2020 Guest Review of The Captain's Cottage
Guest Review : September 2020

With Devon currently (December 2020) in Tier 2, it’s still permitted (and very easy) for possible for anyone who doesn’t live in a Tier 3 area to take a break down in Brixham – as long as you keep within your household group you can visit all of the shops, restaurants and take-aways, as well as taking in the amazing views and brisk outdoor walks during your stay.

If you’re “working from home” at the moment, why not even grab a change of scenery for a days and “work from The Captain’s Cottage” instead?

The views – and the fish and chips – are guaranteed to be better than at home !

Professional photos!

We’re now looking to ‘go live’ for bookings in a week or so, and as part of that process the professional photographer came round earlier this week.

Knowing what you are doing, and having the right kit clearly makes a difference!

End of Lockdown in sight…

With a huge break between posts, there’s been a lot happening at The Captains Cottage in the second half of 2019… which all then came to a screeching halt as CV19 put a stop to us being able to do the great many finishing touches after the builders handed us the keys for the last time.

But, with the prospect of holiday lets in self-catered accommodation rumoured to be starting perhaps as soon as July we’re gearing up and getting the place ready to finally starting to take bookings via Steve at Brixham Holiday Homes later this summer.

We’re not qute there yet, but not long to wait now… !

Stunning Brixham sunsets – July 2019

On our last trip down to Brixham we were fortunate enough to catch some simply stunning sunsets across the harbour, on a couple of separate nights.

First up we had dinner in the Breakwater Bistro , a first for us (in terms of dinner – we’ve had a cream tea there almost every trip!) where we were treated to a beautiful sunset along the outer harbour wall set off nicely by the lights of the Bistro itself.

The following night we ate in Rockfish, right on the harbour where we had a fantastic view out over the trawlers as the sun went down.

Can you see what it is yet..?

July 2019 – and suddenly everything is starting to take shape rather quickly indeed.

Making a run down to Brixham for almost the first time in ‘proper summer’ allowed us to make some of the final choices in regard to details – taps, shower fittings, stair carpets and the like – and to see the progress now that the Captains Cottage is in sight of completion

You can (just!) make out the yellow house with the dark roof – that’s us!

The windows and balcony blend in pretty well to the roofline – something we wanted to achieve, which meant we have ended up with a “frameless” all-glass balcony which makes it almost invisible from any distance away.

On the middle floor – the living room – we’ve also added similarly frameless glass panels on the outside of the house, which means both of the large, full-height windows can be fully opened into the living space without risking life and limb in the process!

Balcony - master bedroom the Captains Cottage Brixham
That balcony..

And this is the much-trailed balcony, opening out from the master en-suite bedroom at the top of the house and looking over the harbour. There’s plenty of space for a table and a couple of chairs so you can watch the sunset from the best spot in town!

New doors..

With new doors, flooring and radiators throughout it’s ended up being a bigger task than we first imagined. The house is entirely unique, and has been built on a slight ange so it faces the sea – this means that every room and doorway in it is built slightly askew, and standard doors simply didn’t fit in the existing frames, so all of them ended up being replaced too! Final-fit electrics are yet to go in – that hole in the wall won’t be there, we promise!

Building the balcony commences

Despite the unseasonably damp weather, our builders have managed to crack on with essentially taking the whole lid off the Captains Cottage, and replacing it with a brand new upper storey – with the planning-permission-challenging balcony and patio doors as well.

On our latest trip we were therefore greeted with a house festooned with scaffolding, and what can only be described as a bl–dy great hole at the top where the sliding doors will go!

Even so, it gives a great idea of what the view is going to be when it’s all finished.

Brixham harbour view - the Captains Cottage whilst under construction
Not a bad view – even if it is out of a hole in a wall!

They’ve also made a start on tiling the downstairs bathroom, which is going to be a walk-in shower / wet room. Apparently the tiler is the same chap who has re-done all of the tiling in the expanded and refurbished Simply Fish restaurant in town – our favourite place to go the minute we arrive in Brixham after driving down from London !

Heritage-style tiles in the wet room downstairs bathroo
Heritage-style tiles in the wet room downstairs bathroom