Summer 2023

This year we managed to squeeze in a week at the very end of August down in Brixham, and in the process discovered a few more local attractions.

For starters, did you know there’s a (rather excellent) vinyard within a few minutes drive (or a rather longer walk) of Brixham? Neither did we, but having discovered Sandridge Barton and their wine tasting tours we’re sure we’ll be going back !

They’ve also got a fabulour-looking restaurant onsite too, which we didn’t manage to visit – so there’s a lunch date in the countryside in our calendar for next time we are here as well.

We of course also did the walk along the Coast Path to Broadsands and onto Goodrington – it goes without saying that Fishcombe and Churston coves were lovely as ever this summer, and that we saw a few seals along the way too.

Later in the week we took a ferry across to Paignton harbour, and then completed the walk round to Torquay.

Paignton Harbour is a bit of a hidden gem around these parts, with a scenic (and very tidal) boat-filled harbour surrounded by a lot of really nice pubs and restaurants, so when the Brixham-Paignton-Torbay ferry is running (on its round-robin route – we suggest calling them to check which time it leave Brixham as their website is a bit confusing!) it’s very much worth the trip, and doubly so as it makes the walk to Torquay a lot shorter when you start in Paignton!

This section of the coast walk is much better in terms of being a hard-standing “path”, but as it snakes under, over and around the Dartmouth Steam Railway track it doesn’t skimp on the “ups and downs” – the result being a whole series of stunning views across Torbay.

We were also lucky enough to be crossing a bridge over the railway tracks when a steam train came past underneath!

And, of course, we had a few evenings out in Brixham’s many pubs and restaurants too!

We hope you’ll be able to enjoy some of these stunning views, and take some even better photos of your own when you next come to visit us down in Brixham!