How to get to The Captain’s Cottage by car

Some of historic Brixham’s narrower streets can be rather, ahem, “challenging” for modern vehicles, and chances are that your Sat Nav is a lot keener on taking on those challeges head-on than you.

If you are looking for a stress-free route to The Captain’s Cottage the best thing to do is therefore NOT just to plug our address in, press “GO” and hope the car knows best.

Instead we recommend setting your Sat Nav to somewhere on Higher Ranscome Road.

You can then turn from there into Great Rea Road, drive past the Co-op and keep going all the way to the end of the road heading towards the harbour. This will mean you end up at our garage (at the end of Great Rea where it joins Elkins Hill and Garlic Rea) at the back of the property, where you can park up and unload.

Doing things this way should mean that you are directed down roads that aren’t narrower than your car, and are less steep than a typical ski-slope!